Video Storytelling Project

Friday Night Fever is a University of Wyoming student group that provides alcohol and drug free activities and events for students. The activities and events are held every Friday night. For our last class project, we made a two minute video that highlighted comedian Vinnie Montez at a Friday Night Fever event. I paired up with Kaitlyn because we work well together. Kaitlin and I both recorded the event in order to get numerous angles and shots. Kaitlyn did most of the video editing, while I did most of the interviewing. I firmly believe Kaitlyn and I made a good team, and therefore made a great video.

I enjoyed interviewing Vinnie Montez. His comedy show was hilarious and he was very goofy. But, when we sat down to interview him after the show, he was very serious and professional. It was interesting to see how different his stage presence and persona is compared to how he is in real life.

I wish that we would have interviewed more people. Interviewing audience members after the show would have been a great addition to our video. Our equipment was not state-of-the-art, and we used two very different devices. If our video cameras and recording devices were better quality, our video would have been much better. The video turned out very small. I think it would be better if the video was larger and of better quality.

I could definitely see myself doing video in a future career. I think that video is a great way to communicate with numerous people. I will need a lot more practice on my recording and video editing skills in order to create higher quality videos. I really enjoyed this project. I think that the comedy event was extremely entertaining, which made this project very fun and enjoyable.


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