Live Tweeting Project

I chose to live tweet a football game because I thought it would be fun and it would help me learn how to create quick concise and informative tweets in a short period of time. I went on a vacation to San Diego and attended a San Diego Chargers versus New England Patriots football game. It was the first NFL game I had ever been to, so there was a lot to take in. I tried to vary my tweets. I not only included information about the game but also about the weather and atmosphere of the event.

I enjoyed this project very much. I thought that it was fun having to come up with interesting and captivating things to say in such a rushed amount of time. I sent out my first tweet at exactly 5:30 with kickoff. After my first tweet was sent, my phone lost service. I attempted to use my friends phone, but was unable to get service throughout the entirety of the game. Because I was having technical difficulties, I recorded my tweets in the notes folder in my phone. I found this to be very frustrating and annoying. I firmly believe my live tweeting project could have been better if I was able to post the tweets during the event.

I wish I could have interviewed more people from the event. Interviewing coaches, players or even the media for the teams would have been beneficial and interesting. There were thousands of people at the event and it was nearly impossible to talk to anyone who wasn’t a fan or on the event staff. Because of this I chose to interview fans from both teams. I appreciate that the fans I interviewed had very different views and opinions about the game, considering they were fans for opposing teams.

Overall, I enjoyed this project very much. I am curious as to whether doing a different event would have been more or less difficult for me. Twitter is a fantastic way to relay a short amount of information in a timely matter.


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