The Indian Fabric Fashion Show held at the University of Wyoming raises money for underprivileged girls. The event features items made of Indian fabric available in a silent auction. Money raised from the silent auction will support the University of Wyoming’s Keep Girls in School Project. All proceeds from the event will go to the Aarti Home in Andhra Pradesh, India. The Aarti home is an orphanage that houses and educates over one hundred girls.

Creating a Soundslides Project covering the Indian Fabric Fashion Show Event took a lot of time and work. I did the audio part of the assignment and Kaityln did the photography part of the assignment. I enjoyed working with Kaitlyn on this project because we had good communication.

There were numerous people at the Indian Fabric Fashion Show, which made the location very loud. I found it difficult to record clear and clean audio because of the background noise. I attempted to lead interviewees to a more quiet location for interviewing, but found that many of them did not want to leave the site of the event.

I edited the auto on my MackBook Air, using GarageBand. When editing the audio I found that using “fade in” and “fade out” made the audio cuts less choppy. To take away from the background noise in some of the interviews, I incorporated a quiet undertone of music. The live music entertainment that I recorded at the event was extremely loud, so I used the editing tools to lower the volume of the audio.

I thoroughly enjoyed the Soundslides Project. I think that combining images with audio is interesting and entertaining. I enjoyed working with a partner because it demanded teamwork and mutual dedication. I think that learning how to work with other people is extremely important and valuable. The Indian Fabric Fashion Show was a perfect event to cover for this project. I am confident that Kaitlyn and I’s Soundslides Project is informative and successful.


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