Edited Audio Profile Interview

Audio is a fantastic way to record information. The process of producing an audio profile interview can be very difficult and time consuming. Recording audio is much easier than editing audio. My audio editing experience was rewarding yet very challenging. I had never edited audio before this assignment, so the whole process was a learning experience.

I did this project on my MacBook Air, so I used GarageBand for my editing program. The usability of GarageBand was very good. I learned to use the program through a GarageBand YouTube tutorial. Once I learned how to efficiently use the program, the audio editing process quickly began.

I enjoyed organizing the audio clips. Putting the audio clips in a specific order was important to maintain the flow of the recording. I was able to organize the information in a way that seemed to tell a story, which I really liked. I did not enjoy having to create pauses. I needed pauses and quiet space in the audio profile in order to maintain flow, but it was very difficult. Adding pauses seemed to make the audio more choppy because Kaitlyn’s vocal frequencies fluctuated.

I was surprised how time consuming this project was. It took me many hours to complete the edited audio profile. Editing five minutes of audio requires a lot more work than I expected. It is incredible how much information can be shared in such a short period of time. Cutting the audio from five minutes to two minutes was a much more difficult task than I expected.

I wish I would have asked more specific questions in my interview. Asking more specific questions would have resulted in more detailed answers instead of vague and ambiguous explanations.  Collecting detailed information in my interview would have allowed me to create a more informational audio profile.

Overall, I enjoyed this project very much. I am confident that audio recording and editing skills are beneficial to me, no matter the career path I choose in the future.


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