Raw Audio

I do not have much experience interviewing, so this assignment was extremely beneficial to me. Prior to interviewing Kaitlyn Camargo I prepared five questions to ask her. I was confident that the five questions I prepared would easily create a five minute dialogue from Katilyn, but filling the entire five minutes seemed difficult. Five minutes sounds like a short period of time, but it seems much longer when conducting an interview. Interviewing Kaitlyn was not extremely difficult because I am comfortable with her. We have had multiple classes together, so it is easy for us to hold a conversation. I appreciated interviewing someone who I was familiar with because it was less stressful.

Before I got interviewed, I  was at ease and not intimidated. After the I answered the first question, I realized that I would need to use detailed descriptions in my interview in order to paint a picture with words and help the interviewer understand exactly what I was talking about. I found myself speaking rather quickly and getting more nervous as the interview was conducted. I think I was most stressed because I was aware of the time requirement for the interviewer. I continually looked at the time during the interview to make sure I was filling it with valuable information. I firmly believe if I was unaware of the time requirement, I would have been able to more successfully answer the interview questions without being nervous.

I wish I could have conducted the interview several times, in both situations. I believe Kaitlyn could have given me more information if my questions were more detailed. I also believe I could have given more information if I was not aware of the time requirement, which made me rather nervous.

Overall, this assignment was helpful in teaching me how to conduct a timely interview and also be interviewed. I look forward completing the next audio assignment in order to strengthen my skills.


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