Imaginative Devices in Images

Taking imaginative photographs that capture composition is not easily done. I do not have much experience in photography, so this project was very beneficial and enlightening for me. To approach this assignment I first went on a walk in downtown Laramie, WY. I walked passed numerous shops that seemed too cluttered to photograph. Everything I captured seemed chaotic and busy.

After walking around for quite some time, I decided I needed to change locations. As I was wondering back towards my apartment, I strolled upon a beautiful little park next to the Laramie Historic Railroad Depot. It was in this location that I captured my most successful photographs.

Photograph #1

"Serene Square"
“Serene Square”

This photographs prominent creative device is symmetry and patterns. The two benches are identical and the flower pot serves as a focal point for the viewer.

A second creative device of the picture is cropping. I had to stand on a large rock to capture this small section of the park.

Photograph #2

"Mellow Yellow"
“Bright Blooms by the Bench”

This pictures creative device is color. The bright yellow flowers pop out of the picture and attract the eyes of the viewer. The flowers are the only radiant color, so they are the main focus of the picture.

The girl in the picture adds a balancing element as a second dominant composition.

Photograph #3

"Lines to Mines"
“Lines to Mines”

This pictures prominent composition is leading lines. The rail road tracks and rail road cars go the length of the entire picture in lines.

A second composition in the “Lines to Mines” picture is symmetry. The railroad tracks are parallel to each other, showing a pattern.

Photograph #4

"The Porcelain Trio"
“The Porcelain Trio”

As I was taking pictures an older gentleman walked out of the Laramie Historic Train Depot. I started a conversation with him, telling him about this creative devices photography project. He then opened the doors for me and let me explore the whole old train station by myself. I spent quite a while exploring the historic building, it was really cool.

“The Porcelain Trio” picture was taken inside of the Train Depot. I thought the design of the old three sinks was unique and interesting. It represents the rule of thirds in composition because the sinks occupy the top third of the picture.

Photograph #5


This pictures most dominant creative device is viewpoint, in a more literal way. It shows how a young child would see the big train station. The title “UP” encompasses the viewpoint of a child and Union Pacific.

I really enjoyed this assignment. I was not aware of the immense details behind the art of photography. Learning creating devices and composition in photography will aid me in my future photographing.


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