Multimedia Usability Analysis

The main page of “100 Gallons: Reflections From A Nation Powered By Water” is simple, which is key for navigation. The design includes a large video which consumes most of the web page. I greatly appreciate the usage of subtle color on the web page. There is a nice mixture of white, grey, and blue colors. The web page is not cluttered; there are only a few visible links.

First, I watched the video. The video was very interesting. It included many clips of numerous individuals using water for various reasons. It showed how often water is used in every day life. Water is essential to life.

Second, I chose to read about the clips in the video. Beneath the video are tabs from sections of the video. After clicking a tab, more information is provided. I greatly enjoyed this part of the web page because each tab provides a significant amount of different information. Every tab is different and written/made by a different person; so there is variance in how the information is provided.

Lastly, I chose the “About” page which is also located below the video. The about page provides a summary for the purpose of the project. At the bottom of the summary there is a “staff” link which provides information on the creators/producers/reporters of the website.

I chose to navigate the website in this order because it is set up in this way. It is clear that users are supposed to first watch the video, and then make further explorations from there. There is minimal scrolling on the webpage; which made exploring the site simple.

The navigation buttons are not big enough for a finger to touch; therefore they should adjust the sizes of the buttons on their website in order to improve usability.

Locating the creators/producers/reporters on the website is very simple and takes minimal time because it is located on the “About” page.

After conducting the usability test on a friend, it is clear that the navigation of this website is similar for all visitors. My friend first watched the video, then explored the tabs underneath the video which provided further information on the project, and then looked at the about page. I believe my friend followed the same order that I did because the website is set up in such a way that it nearly navigates itself. The website does not have an immense amount of information. The information on the website is organized in a way that can be easily understood and navigated.

My friend and I’s experience on the website were identical. We followed the same course of action when exploring the website. I think the website is organized efficiently and navigation is simple. This website passes my usability test with a standing ovation. I greatly enjoyed this website and thought it was very usable and informative.

The video, video clip tab information, and the about page on this website should remain the same. I believe the set up of these sections is perfect. The size of the buttons should be changed. My finger would not be able to select the options available; therefore the buttons should be made larger. This is the only thing that should be changed on the website. I firmly believe this site is easily navigated and informative.

Overall, I really enjoyed the website. I found the site to be informative, professional, and usable.


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