My News Diet

Okay…I admit it, I have an unhealthy news diet. I do not regularly keep up on the news. The only social media website that I have an account on is Instagram. On my Instagram account I follow the International Space Station, NASA and National Geographic. These three accounts contain the only news that I read on a daily basis.

The International Space Station (ISS) and NASA report news specifically about space. National Geographic reports news occasionally with pictures from around the world. I trust these sources because they have been a significant part of my education curriculum throughout my scholastic life.

The ISS, NASA and National Geographic are not bias. The ISS and NASA specifically are not slanted because the information they provide can be scientifically proven. Most entertainment sources are not important informative information. I firmly believe “news” should be concerned with serious international information; not with celebrities, fashion, and the latest gossip. Many entertainment programs do not focus on credible information.

Although many entertainment sources are not news worthy, there are a few entertainment programs such as the Discovery Channel and the History Channel that can be very informative. The few times that I have viewed these programs I have found them to be interesting, entertaining, and enlightening. Entertainment programs such as these should occupy more of the television, radio and other media sources.

I do not talk to other people about news on a regular basis. When I do talk to other individuals about news it is most often about the information I have learned from my Instagram account. I enjoy talking about space news, on occasion, because every person views the world in a different way. News about space can spark a brilliant and exciting conversation. I find myself talking about travel, weather, and aspirations most often.

I need to make a major improvement on my news diet. Being knowledgeable on numerous subjects would be extremely beneficial to me. Having more knowledge would allow me to hold more conversation about current events. The news is important because it can contain informative valuable information.

Photograph from NASA
The Universe, Photograph from NASA

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